“So what you’re doing, you’re trailblazing.”

This book is dedicated to each and all my sources. You provided interviews in Canada and Hollywood, and include A-list showrunners, top development executives, award-winning producers, and leading policymakers. Each of you was incredibly generous with your precious time, brilliant insight, compelling perspective, and passion for the fiery topic of Canadian TV in the global, online era.

Each of you works at an elite level in a complex and often hidden arena. Most of you have ascended to eminence through a combination of extraordinary talent and unimaginable levels of dedication, discipline, and hard work. (Profound thanks are also extended to exceptionally gracious agents and assistants). I never dreamed you would address these issues with such candour and engagement. As per your talents, you told me quite a story.

I hope the following pages honour this story — the collision of Canada’s national TV policy  with the global, online era — with the quality of telling it deserves. Thank you.

Irene S. Berkowitz, PhD