“MEDIAUCRACY is important and timely, a potential roadmap for a much needed policy update. Its grounding in value-chain analysis distinguishes it from the vast majority of inputs grounded in long-standing private interests and grievances. A Canadian approach that incentivizes the positive impact of market forces on premium TV is long overdue.”

Len St-Aubin,
former Director General, Telecommunications Policy,
Industry Canada
What’s wrong with this picture?, Cartt.ca

“There is much to admire in this book. I agree with the focus on audience, and that overhauling our financing system must start with a healthy debate on purpose.”

Ivan Fecan,
Executive Producer, Kim’s Convenience
Former CEO, CTV Television Network

“MEDIAUCRACY nails it. Anybody who does anything in this space needs this book. All the recommendations are bang on. I’m grateful that you’re getting it out there.”

Philip Palmer,
Vice Chair, Internet Society Canada Chapter (ISCC),
Telecommunications lawyer and
former Senior General Counsel, Department of Justice

“MEDIAUCRACY should be part of any media entrepreneur’s toolkit. From understanding value chain analysis to where global markets are headed, this guide will serve policymakers and producers alike.”

Winston Sih,
Media journalist and producer

“This is bold! Could not have come at a better time. Downright where the industry is right now.”

Maria Armstrong,
CEO and Executive Producer, Big Coat Media