Per the Dedication, I am indebted to every one of my sources, each of whom trusted me with their astute analysis, remarkable candor, and generous spirit. They illuminated the path forward and without them, there is no book.

Many others have made this book possible.

I am greatly indebted to the Emmy-award winning Sandy Pearl for prescient and decisive story editing, relentless focus on broad strokes and details, and unwavering resolve, which were the book’s lifeboat.  No crisis was ever too big or too small.

Profound appreciation for designer Karen Birkemoe, whose talent and excellence with concepts, covers, figures, and charts are matched by a rare combination of indefatigable ebullience, unflappability under pressure, and going above and beyond.   

Thank you to Ryerson’s open source publishing platform, Ryerson Pressbooks, Sally Wilson and Ann Ludbrook. Profound gratitude to Graphics Communications Professor, Dr. Richard Adams, who introduced me to this emergent ecosystem and to his excellent student and formatter par excellence, Nancy Ly.

Profound thanks to Len St-Aubin, Canadian telecommunications policy expert and former Director General, Telecommunications Policy at Industry Canada, for generous assistance in interpreting current and historic data; and to Philip Palmer, Vice-Chair Internet Society Canada Chapter (ISCC) and former Senior General Counsel, Canada Department of Justice, for invaluable clarifications.

Thank you to Siobhan McMenemy, Senior Editor, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, for quintessential guidance in navigating the dangerous waters between dissertation and book.

Gratitude to all my colleagues at Ryerson University. Thank you to Dr. Charles H. Davis (Associate Dean, Scholarly Research and Creative Activities; E.S. Rogers Sr. Research Chair in Media Management and Entrepreneurship; Professor, RTA School of Media), whose perspectives keep me (and many others) reaching for wisdom. The intellectual spirit of creativity at the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD), established by Dean Charles Falzon, sets a default inspiration that anything is possible. Camaraderie and collaboration with fellow PhD students — now treasured colleagues – Dr. Emilia Zboralska and Hanako Smith — has meant so much. Thank you to colleagues at the Catalyst, home of Audience Lab, including Jacky Au Duong, Dr. Greg Elmer, Akos Katona, Taylor McLean, Natalie Ramtahal, Sahar Raza, Dr. Frauke Zeller, and others.  Thanks so much for the supportive, collaborative atmosphere at Ted Rogers MBA, including colleagues Dr. Kim Bates and Dr. Donna Smith. Thank you to Ryerson University public relations professionals who have included Michael Forbes, Kate Marshall, Suelan Toye. To my hundreds of truly amazing students, from RTA-MA and Ted Rogers MBA: You inspire me deeply and always.  All of this said, it’s important to note again, per the Introduction, that the views in this book are my own and do not represent those of Ryerson University.

Thanks to the editorial staff at Playback, including Jordan Pinto, Regan Reid and Katie Bailey, for your welcome and rigorous attention to facts and style. Thanks to other publishers including The Globe and Mail, CMF Trends, CARTT, betakit, and other media outlets including BNN, CBC, Global, Sirius XM, and Yahoo Finance who have requested my perspectives.

Thank you to so many others including Oren Berkovich, Valerie Creighton, Diane Francis, Jason Kee, Salim Ismail, Reynolds Mastin, John Morayniss, Jackie Rubin, Pierre Tanguay, and David Zitzerman — for research clarifications, compelling perspectives, inspirational books, and/or words of wisdom that had more impact than you realized.  My gratitude is immense to Cher Jones, (Socially Active), a personal brand guru who truly can “see people” — including me.

Without the underlying PhD there would be no book, so there are many more to thank, including distinguished individuals in the Ryerson/York University Communication and Culture program. Thanks (again) to Research Supervisor (Dr. Charles H. Davis) and Committee (Dr. Greg Elmer, Ryerson University Bell Globe Media Research Chair and Professor of Communication and Culture/Radio and Television Arts, RTA School of Media; Peter S. Grant, foremost telecommunications and entertainment lawyer, media author, and York University Professor). More thanks to Dr. Paul S. Moore (then Director of the Program in Communication and Culture); Trina McQueen (Adjunct Professor, Schulich School of Business, former President and COO, CTV); Ken Engelhart (former Senior VP, Rogers Communications); Pip Wedge (Executive Director, Canadian Communications Foundation, former Vice President, CTV Television Network); Margaret Kennedy (CRTC); and Aspa Kostopoulos (CRTC). Thanks to CRTC for recognition on March 12, 2015 (Broadcast Regulatory Policy 2015-86), as well as speaking invitations.

Friends and Family: Enduring friendships with Beth, Elise, Hilary, Susan and are treasured, as is my wonderfully large, extended mishpachah. Finally, last but the opposite of least and truly above all, to each member of my precious, immediate family: Thank you for your love and support; your giving of time and granting of space for this effort; and (very often tested) patience — especially Stuart — and also Rebecca, Andrew, Julie, Rory, Emily, Matthew, Dylan, Charlie, Lucas, Lily, Tyler, Dad, Bob, Eileen.  You are each and all my daily and divine inspiration. Mom, you raised your eyebrows when I said I was writing a book and that you wanted to read it. I pray cyberspace reaches up that far. I’ll press send with a smile, with love and gratitude for all my blessings.

Irene S. Berkowitz

March 2021