Part 3 • Student Contributions


This chapter is for students in the summer 2019 GCM 802 class to add summaries of their “Hot Topics” and “Cool Tech” discussions. Please note that the Ryerson Library publishes eBooks with a Creative Commons “Share and Share Alike with Attribution” (CC-BY) open-source copyright license, meaning others can reuse and edit the work, as long as they attribute the original author. For this reason, the Library is very strict about ensuring that they have the right to reproduce written work and accompanying graphics under this license.

When adding graphics from other sources (i.e., photos that you did not take yourself), please make sure that we have the right to reproduce the graphic under the CC-BY license. For example, photos from Google Images [New Window] may be copyrighted, while those from [New Window] have an open license. Also Adobe gives a blanket license to reproduce screen captures from its programs, provided that the screen capture is attributed to Adobe and that the dialog box or menu is not cropped.


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